Refractory Training

Refractory Training Provides essential knowledge for successful project execution. The Jenkins Refractory Seminar Provides in-depth understanding of most aspects of refractory design and installation

  • Designed for Owners, Project Managers, Engineers, Project Supervisors, and others who need good depth of knowledge in refractory design and installations
  • Ideal for the beginning refractory practitioner interested in pursuing API 936 certification
  • Provides additional technical knowledge for the experienced refractory practitioner
  • Designed for those who need laboratory testing and technical knowledge related to refractory installation
  • Ideal for experienced refractory practitioners interested in pursuing API 936 Certification

The Jenkins Crafts Skills Training Seminar Provides basic working knowledge of refractory projects, to provide basic competency of the refractory discipline. Designed for group sessions at Jenkins’ headquarters, or at the vicinity of the jobsite