Refractory Inspection

Refractory Inspection

Bridging the gap between “knowing” and “doing.”

Robert J. Jenkins & Company’s full-time staff of API 936 refractory inspectors provides its Customers with refractory quality control services that ensure successful refractory performance. Jenkins provides the following services for both refractory and chemical resistant lining systems:

Shop Inspection
Documentation Review: Insures that Owner specifications and / or contractor execution plans properly address the Owner scope of work.

Applicator Qualification: Confirms that the applicator equipment and personnel proposed for the work are capable of installing refractory systems to the specified standards and to the Owner scope of work. Confirms the ability of the applicator to achieve the required physical properties as specified by the Owner.

Installation Monitoring: Confirms that Owner specifications, approved installation procedures and acceptable industry practice are maintained throughout the entire refractory installation process.

Pre-Dryout Inspections: Confirms that installed lining systems conform to the requirements of the Owner prior to thermal dryout.

Post-Dryout Inspections: Confirms that installed lining systems conform to the requirements of the Owner after thermal dryout.

As Installed Sample Collection: Insures that production samples representative of the installed refractory have been collected and forwarded to the Jenkins laboratory for testing.

Turnaround Inspection
Initial Inspection – Perform complete visual and non-destructive testing on existing refractory systems. Provide concise written and photographic documentation outlining all observations and conclusions.

Repair Recommendations - Provide concise written repair recommendations that detail anchor design, refractory material selection, lining thickness and recommended methods of lining application.

Installation Monitoring – Confirms that specifications, good practice and installation procedures are maintained through the entire installation process.

General Inspection Services

  • Shop Inspection of New Lining Applications
  • Observation of Refractory or Chemical Resistant Lining Applications
  • Lining Failure Analysis
  • Full Documentation of Lining Installations with Prognosis of Serviceability
  • Thermal Scanning
  • In-Situ Abrasion Testing
  • Core Sampling
  • Membrane Spark Testing