Refractory Seminar

Robert Jenkins & Co. is pleased to announce that we offer a Seminar in Refractories. The location of the event will be determined by the client needs. Registration for the seminar may be requested via e-mail Please contact the office for further details.

This seminar has been prepared to serve as an introductory and refresher course covering the subject of refractory lining design and installation, and as preparation for taking the API 936 Refractory Technician Certification examination. The seminar will attempt to walk the line between the technical and practical aspects of this complex subject to make the information of value to both the engineer who provides the design, prepares drawings and specifications, and selects the materials of construction, and to the field personnel who oversee the installation of the refractory lining systems.

This presentation generally addresses those refractory materials and procedures commonly used in petrochemical lining applications, but the principles presented apply throughout the refractory installation industry. Included will be a review of refractory material products, typical refractory lining systems, refractory reinforcing systems, lining application procedures, curing and dryout considerations, laboratory testing procedures, and a quality control program. Although the seminar will end with an open question and answer session, attendees are encouraged to ask questions as they arise.

We hope that you will walk away from this seminar with a better understanding of the intricacies and details of the various elements that comprise the successful installation of a refractory lining system. We appreciate having the opportunity to share this information with you.

PLEASE note that if you plan to take the API 936 exam you must apply for the test directly with the API organization.

Robert J. Jenkins, President


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