“It’s What’s Inside that Counts”

Robert J. Jenkins & Company was established in 1977 in order to provide refractory quality control services based on hands-on installation experience.  Since that time Jenkins has become the model in the field of refractory quality control services, assuring high quality refractory lining nstallations worldwide.

Jenkins’ staff of experienced API 936 Certified consultants, inspectors and laboratory technicians offers Customers the assurance that refractory lining installations are of the highest possible quality, designed and applied in accordance with the latest industry standards.

Jenkins provides refractory consulting, inspection and laboratory testing services to a broad international client base.  Jenkins also provides professional engineering services such as refractory practitioner training, industrial conference and trade show presentations, refractory installer certification, the preparation of refractory design, specifications and installation procedures, and expert witness services.


We improve Process Unit “Uptime” by providing essential Refractory Project Services:

  • Complete project plan review and preparation, to assure the overall viability of the project plan.
  • Experienced API 936 certified inspectors to bridge the span between "knowing" and "doing."
  • Providing the assurance that installed refractory lining systems meet or exceed the quality standards established by the client, to achieve both specified and expected quality.
  • To assure that refractory installers are qualified to do the work.
  • Providing the knowledge and experience needed for successful project execution.
  • Refractory failure analysis.